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Re: The Next Step(?)

For easy of use I don't think the Yamaha A3000 has rivals. Great and cheap
sampler. I just purchased one few months ago and I think it is a great
product. Great sound, a lot of realtime control, 3 FX processors inside as
standard and an exp. unit (more output channels plus dig.out, standard ONLY
4 analogic) for few more dollars. I use a PC and there are a lot of progs
that support the A3000 directly. Wavesurgeon for chopping beats and sounds
(and SCSI transfer), next version of Recycle or you can use SoundForge,
Wavelab, ecc. for sample editing and quick transferring to the sampler.

Using a PC can have some drawbacks in setup the whole thing (the Net is a
great help for this) but there are a lot of fantastic progs (Acid,
SoundForge, Wavelab, WaveSurgeon, Fruity Loops, Making Waves, ecc.) to make
music. make your own choice. at the end you can make music professionally 
either the platforms and using every progs available.


At 17:35 30.12.98 +0900, you wrote:
>"ur eye" wrote:
>Hi folks, Well, I find myself thinking about my loops the next day. I
>think that means that I am ready to look for a sampling device. I'm
>going to try Cool edit for now but I would like to know what others are
>using in terms of samplers and/or software. Maybe a post-party listing
>of what you all are presently using would be of interest to others as
>As samplers go I think Akai are easy to use and used ones are getting
>cheaper and cheaper. For sound editing/processing software (for the Mac), 
>really recommend SoundMaker, which is cheap and has a huge number of very
>good plugins. It's in a slightly complicated phase right now because it is
>in transition to become a new version of an old program called
>SoundEffects. I won't confuse you with more details here, except to
>introduce some sites with plenty of info on these programs and their
>(the site for the soon-to be defunct SoundMaker)
>(the site for the soon-to be reborn SoundMaker)
>(SoundFront plugins)
>(SoundMagic plugins)
>Good luck!
>Morgan Fisher
>From Morgan Fisher, Tokyo, Japan
>Email address: morgan@gol.com
>Second email address: Morgan_Fisher@ringo.net