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Re: The Next Step(?)

"ur eye" wrote:

Hi folks, Well, I find myself thinking about my loops the next day. I
think that means that I am ready to look for a sampling device. I'm
going to try Cool edit for now but I would like to know what others are
using in terms of samplers and/or software. Maybe a post-party listing
of what you all are presently using would be of interest to others as

As samplers go I think Akai are easy to use and used ones are getting
cheaper and cheaper. For sound editing/processing software (for the Mac), I
really recommend SoundMaker, which is cheap and has a huge number of very
good plugins. It's in a slightly complicated phase right now because it is
in transition to become a new version of an old program called
SoundEffects. I won't confuse you with more details here, except to
introduce some sites with plenty of info on these programs and their

(the site for the soon-to be defunct SoundMaker)

(the site for the soon-to be reborn SoundMaker)

(SoundFront plugins)

(SoundMagic plugins)

Good luck!

Morgan Fisher

>From Morgan Fisher, Tokyo, Japan

Email address: morgan@gol.com
Second email address: Morgan_Fisher@ringo.net