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RE: list of venues

Cheers for that bright idea dude.  I'd like to see a list like that for 
the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

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> From: Gareth Whittock [mailto:whiteoak@dial.pipex.com]
> Sent: Sunday 27 December 1998 12:51 AM
> To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
> Subject: Re:list of venues
> Now that I'm embarking on live performances it's occurred to me that it
> would be useful if we compiled a list of suitable venues for looping in
> the UK - and beyond!
> My two penneth worth is chapter Arts' centre, Cardiff, Wales. Every
> month they hold a concert called the Diggers featuring pure electronic
> music , live instruments and tape, experimental dance, freeform jazz
> etc. A PA is provided though there's no payment for performances. The
> audience is attentive and intelligent. The bar's in another room so
> people sit around smoking and drinking, listening and watching but dont
> talk over the music.
> Any other contributions?
>  Gareth