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FS: Symetrix 606 $400

>From Harmony Central, respond to the e-mail address listed at the bottom 
of the ad, not to me.
The 606 has been the subject of speculation on the list.  It's sort of a 
super Vortex with MIDI control.  Also similiar to the Korg DL-8000, but 
max delay time is around five seconds, I believe.

Travis Hartnett


New Symetrix 606 delay with realtime controls

Asking Price: US$400
Condition: Mint
Age: N/A

       New Symetrix 606 in box with manual and warranty card etc. 
       Never used, never racked. Brand new from store 3 weeks 
       ago. Retail 750.00, street price 580.00, this one 450.00 
       shipped to you.

       The ultimate for realtime tweaking. A modern Lex PCM 42. 
       Very cool unit. Knobs!


Seller: Rod Modell, (810)622-7933
E-mail: r-mode@webtv.net (Profile)
Post Date: 12/27/98