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Just an FYI, When I received my footcontroller a couple of weeks ago , the 
oberheim sticker was covered w/ an electar sticker.  
Note he mentions the Oberheim name now just being used for an italian
company. As I understand it, that only includes the Viscount keyboard
products that Gibson/Oberheim has been selling for the past few years. It
doesn't include other OB stuff like the Echoplex or matrix-1000, OBMX, etc.
The Echoplex is getting moved to another Gibson division, Electar, which
also includes Trace-Elliot and Maestro. I'm guessing they'll be calling it
the "Electar Echoplex Digital Pro" or something like that, but it's the 
thing as it was from Oberheim. Most likely this will confuse the hell out 
people for a while, but anyway, now you know.

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