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RE: some interesting interviews

I found a much better interview with Henry in the World Traveler magazine
which is the airline magazine for Northwest Airlines.

What Henry realizes he has is market share. Everybody knows the "Gibson"
name. He says "80% of the consumer market recognizes the Gibson name."
That's why he's going to start making everything he can with that name on
it. Merchandising and cafes are the key to his new found fortunes. The
Japanese will line up for jammies and shot glasses with the Gibson name on
it, or "lifestyle marketing" in his terms. He cites Caterpillar shoes, the
Hardrock Cafe, and the Nascar Cafe as his inspiration.

In this article he claims that the site in Memphis is going focus on
becoming a "custom" Les Paul plant and also a "Hard Rock Cafe" style bar
with guitars all over the walls. They will also have live music.

Now, I'll be the first to buy the "I got looped at the Gibson Cafe with my
Echoplex" T-shirt, but I think it's a shame that he thinks that re-focusing
an instrument manufacturer to consumer products is a positive thing for the
business. It's not that I want to bite the hand that feeds me, but I think
many of us saw the quality of many Gibson products (Tobias, Steinberger,
Slingerland) suffer over the years. I hope they find time to keep their
quality in check and put some profits back into R&D.

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Happened across this Bob Moog interview, it's pretty good. thought some of
you might be interested:


also, this interview with Henry Juszkiewicz, Gibson CEO, where he discusses
various rumors surrounding Gibson that have appeared on the list here:


Note he mentions the Oberheim name now just being used for an italian
company. As I understand it, that only includes the Viscount keyboard
products that Gibson/Oberheim has been selling for the past few years. It
doesn't include other OB stuff like the Echoplex or matrix-1000, OBMX, etc.
The Echoplex is getting moved to another Gibson division, Electar, which
also includes Trace-Elliot and Maestro. I'm guessing they'll be calling it
the "Electar Echoplex Digital Pro" or something like that, but it's the 
thing as it was from Oberheim. Most likely this will confuse the hell out 
people for a while, but anyway, now you know.

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