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Re: The Echoplex

Why are you guys so afraid to send it in for a repair?  Granted, there
*were* lots of problems at Oberheim, but that was a year and a half and
more ago! The Oberheim-now-Electar guys have been very responsive and
helpful in the time since, and there have been quite a lot of testamonials
to that here. I don't think anything has changed about that with recent
events, if anything switching the echoplex to Electar is a further
improvement. Those guys deserve some credit for working their ass off and
doing things right; its hardly fair to be endlessly hanging them with crap
done years ago.

Give Mike Ayers a call and take care of it, he's a great guy.
<mayers@gibson.com>, 877-623-7434 or 615-871-4382.


At 8:45 AM -0800 12/29/98, Wjguitar@aol.com wrote:
>I too, received my echoplex and the segment was burnt out on one of the
>units...I also, decided not to send it back, yet...due to slow turnaround.
>Also, I've experienced a strange situation....When programming a loop 
>into the
>unit...it plays it, over and over for a few times, and then fades out, or 
>real quiet...if I touch one of the controls on the front for feedback or
>input/output volumes....I get a loud pop!   Any comments?  Note: I'm 
>running a
>pair of them in stereo with the brother sync.

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