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Re: The Three-Ring Circus, a.k.a "Gibson"

At 8:12 AM 12/29/98, Tiktok Mobile HQ wrote:

>I read the interview, and my first thought was that he's unaware that the
>Echoplex exists.  Gibson has been in a state of confusion for longer than
>I can remember.  I bought my first Echoplex two years ago, and I've held
>off on getting the LED display fixed (one of the elements in the
>loop-time counter went out early on) due to the numerous re-org's, office
>relocations, and horror stories about sending in units and not seeing
>them back for three months while no-one returns your phone calls.
FWIW, Mike Ayers at Gibson (I've said this before) is the person you want
to connect with. He gets things done - your Echoplex will be in good hands
with him.

I've had nothing but good luck with Gibson as regards upgrades and service
with Mike att the service and support helm.