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StALiQ/Napalm Quartet


Upcoming gigs:


Steuart Liebig: ContraBassguitars, loopage
Alex Cline: Drumset
Jeff Gauthier: El. Violins
Eric Barber: Saxophones

with Billy Mintz Trio (Billy is a great drummer)

3 Jan, 1999; 8:00 p.m.
Pasadena Shakespeare Theater
Pasadena Mall, 2nd Level

Napalm Quartet:

G.E. Stinson: Guitars, applied tools and technology, loopage, noise
Andrew Van Ah: Guitars, mayhem
Brian Christopherson: Drumset
Steuart Liebig: Basses, loopage, metal and wood implements

4 Jan, 1999; 10:30 p.m.
Luna Park,
665 No Robertson. (@ Robertson and Santa Monica)