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FS: Digitech TSR-12 studio reverb/multi-effects processor

Hi there !

   I'm selling this processor, if interested, e-mail me privately.
   I'm asking  $250 + shipping.

   I include a brief description of the unit :

Digitech TSR-12  
Studio Reverb / Multi-Effects Processor

256 presets, (128+128 user)
Stereo Input / Output
stereo processing,
full bandwidth effects(20 Hz-20 Khz)
studio quality reverb, gated reverb,
4 tap delay, modulated delay,  
4 phase chorus, dual pitch shifter, 
arpeggiator, 1.5 sampler, dual phaser,
5 band parametric equalizer,
15 band graphic equalizer, 
tremolo, dual panning , dual flanger,
stereo ducker, stereo noise gate,
phase inverter, ...

Excuse me for the non-related content.

Yours.  Ral.


Ral Bonell Toms    <rauboto@dragonet.es>