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Re: EH Space Drums?

If you want, you can make it go "oooob?" by itself by adjusting the dials 
right way.

Then all the dancers go away, one by one.
Your momma stops callin too, but you're not having so much fun anymore.

matt davignon

Tim Nelson wrote:

> Thanks a lot, Bobdog. Now that song is looping through my head. Please 
> it stop. (I think that was a GR-500 on that one, too, not that it makes 
> ok...)
> If you hooked a space drum to a Boomerang and turned the loop around
> backwards, it would go "ooooooob?, ooooooob?, ooooooob?". That wouldn't
> really be all that useful either, though.
> At 11:46 AM 9/3/99 +0000, you wrote:
> >the space drum goes "booooooooooooooo, boooooo, boooooooooooooo" like 
> >horrible bad co. tune "rock-n-roll fantasy"