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Re: PMC10 sells for $355.00 + ATTN ALL BRITS

At 12:21 AM -0700 9/9/99, John Tidwell wrote:
> I was very tempted to
>go after the one at ebay, but I've found myself
>distracted by this......
>Rogue Music says they can get it for me for $229.00.
>This sounds incredibly cheap considering what the
>pedal claims to do. I contacted Phil Rees & they said
>they would sell direct for 230 pounds,(that's
>Needless to say, I'm feeling a little confused right
>I know we have some folks from the UK on the list. Can
>any of you give us your take on the Philip Rees MM5
>Advanced Midi Foot Controller?

well, I'm not a Brit, but It looks like a mighty fine midi controller pedal
to me!

I liked: it does all midi commands, modulation, sequencer, midi IN, vast
programming possibilities, (which top any other pedal out there).

didn't like much: needs more characters in the display, more patches, they
claim it's easy to program, but it didn't look that way to me. (I just
skimmed the page, though.)

I say, go for it.

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