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Re: Re:Unsubscribe!/ EDP Undo function

Wow- this is f*cking great news- how cool! Short press erases anything 
the short press on that particular layer- LONG press erases the entire
layer- and ending an Overdub with Undo simply puts the loop back as if 
was no Overdub action taken-  of course looking in the manual it explains 
there- sorry, I admit I don't use the manual much- A.D.D. in action- I did
use the PDF version on LD site to read the updated SwitchQuant section- PDF
files are great- especially when you use the contents column on the left- 
easy to get where you need to- I really don't understand the layout of the
paper manual, but I am going to be using the PDF as it is so easy to use 
find what you need right away-
Kim, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions- I am so stoked on
the Undo function now! I gotta go try it out right NOW! Bye!

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> Sounds like you need to learn the difference between a Long-Press Undo 
> a Short-Press Undo. Check the manual under "undo", it is explained there.