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Re: Handsonic list?

At 9:52 PM -0700 9/2/00, Paolo Valladolid wrote:
>It'd be pretty easy to create a new list at eGroups.com.  I moderate a 
>there and overall am satisfied enough to use them again for another new

corporate slave!  All your labor and sweat, just makin' money for the man!

haha, just kidding. a little labor day humor there. :-)

...but then, Yahoo owns eGroups now. Who knows what they're gonna do to
it.... but whatever it is, I'd be willing to bet they don't ask your
opinion first....

>Plus they have useful features like a two-step subscription process
>wherein if somebody sends a subscription request, that person receives a
>confirmation email to which he/she MUST reply from his/her OWN email 
>before it will be added.  It's not like LD where I can subscribe my 
>for example, as a prank.

and in four years, something like that has never happened here! amazing, 

And if it ever did, I would take that poor soul off right away and there
would be no issue. Or maybe they would just read the new list member
directions they receive at their OWN email address and follow them, and
nobody would ever notice. Of course, once in a while we have somebody get
subscribed because their kid or brother-in-law or one of their alternate
personalities or whoever is using their email account. Sometimes they are
confused about this and ask for help. And when that happens I, an actual
human, help them out as necessary. Little harm is caused to the world.

Seems kinda silly to trouble every single person on a list with all these
extra security steps to save them from things that practically never occur,
and are easily fixed when they do. Personally, I'm getting kinda tired of
being forced to use technology that makes life more complicated instead of
less. "Useless Security Mearsures for Paranoid Internet Users" are about at
the top of my list lately....


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