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AW: making the most of cheap equipment

Hi Peter, hi loopers,

thank you for your funny applications for "unperfected" equipment.

here is one out of my trick-box (I have an old (13 years) Ibanez 4-seconds
delay which is in a state o decomposing but still fun)

while looping, try to tap the "hold" pedal as much as you like or process
the ready loop by doing the same. this will chop your loop to pieces.

My delay has a switch to preset the delay times in 4 stages. when I loop in
one of this stages, the other ram is only partially overwritten. this 
when switching between stages I get a collage of the different loops I
recorded before - mysterious :-) and amazing.

I don't really know the DOD-pedal you describe. I allways liked the things
Bill Frisell did with his pedal. some of the effects you describe (the
octave and pitching thing) sound like what he does. he does reverse-effects
to. can the dod do that and is it still available (I cannot find it in the
tools section of looper's delight)

Please have mercy if I ask totally stupid basic question. I have been out 
processing for years. I remembered my old Ibanez when I could not find
someone to do that electro-stuff in a project I just started. As I found it
difficult to create in-time-loops I searched the web for tools and found