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Re: Am I a fool ?

rich (11:51 AM 09.11.2000) wrote:

 >>Electrix has a good handle on what makes something music *and* useful in 
 >>production environment. I have a ton of delay lines, but I gotta say that
 >>I've been having the most fun with the MoFx. The combination of neat 
 >>touches  and the presentation packaging makes the box just a joy to use.
 >agreed.  did it seem like i was slagging on the company?  gee wilikers,
 >i've feel like i've been going over the top talking about their 

Nah, sorry... I was aiming for my own clarification on what you may of 
meant by saying that the products were "packaged" better. I wanted to push 
that line out farther and say that it's not just a _physical_ packaging 
issue (which is what I thought you were talking about).

 >it's just that what the Repeater is claiming to do is quite complex, and
 >implementation of complex dsp doesn't always come in the simplest user
 >interface, as some EDP users can attest, as well as the Max/Kyma/Orville

Yeup, I agree. I think they have it right though. Because...

 >Electrix products, IMO, shine through simple, well designed user 

...they don't want to screw up people being able to make this statement. :)

 >So we shall see how this puppy pans out.  My biggest question is:  why are
 >they not releasing the footpedal at the same time as the unit?  They
 >mention the 3-button footswitch for their other products that has never
 >surfaced.  Is there potential for the same thing to happen to the 


But Damon has said that _everything_ on the Repeater is available to MIDI, 
so there may be something more than a 3-button in the works.

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