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Re: GTR4000 Footpedals?

Hi Ken, try to be more specific on what you wat to do with midi and the 
GTR4000. What midi board did you get?
As far as midi note messages there are not so many pedalboards sending 
and most are expensive...using a good one with a Lexicon Midi Remote 
Controller (the old and now cheap MRC) or the mighty Peavey PC1600x will 
translate any midi message into any other...so even basic messages like 
program chenges can become midi notes ...plus you can do much, much more. 
After 6 years with a DSP4000, I'm now working on Orville and my midi setup 
includes a Rocktron MIDIMATE and a Lexi MRC. I turn loops on/off on 
and my Emu sampler in real time, while playing and looping live!!! Plus 
can do much, much more!!!
Let's talk about it!   ciao  italo

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