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Re: loopin' web radio idea +


I extend my idea..
It use 2 sounds(2 CDs) by different artists.
The artists send textures, fragmented sounds,drone etc,
And 2 sounds(2 CDs) mixing for Realaudio broadcast.
It will be make good sounds by a chance factor..
Also 2CDs are repeat playing per each by different loop points(different 
repeat time. for exsample, one is 60min, another one is 46min), Then the 
sounds is not repeat same sounds, it always changing..
And 2CDs looping in 24 hours on Realaudio broadcast for worldwide.

It Internet loopy session by chance.
I want to hear someone interest about it..


>Today I did trial run my real audio based virtual radio station broadcast.
>or some details of my webcast:
>I have a idea,
>24hours (1day running.) streaming for 1 artist from my server.
>for example, every Sunday playing music for 24 hours,total 4 artists per 
>It playing by CD or CDR repeat play. it will loopin' about 12times..
>I would like to offer for public subscription,
>any suggestions?
>someone have good idea for this project?
>  Regards
> Sunao Inami