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OT : Re: good-natured knifetwisting

let me guess, you're not in Texas...

I used to get shit ALL THE DAMNED TIME as a manager of a technical support
call center, and none of my piercings were visible, and I was the youngest
with the next youngest being a good 7 years older than I.


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> At 11:04 AM -0700 10/3/00, rich wrote:
> >>most of the real musicians on this group are old hippies anyway . . .
> >>the archives
> >
> There go the baby boomers again, trying to claim all sorts of glory for
> themselves.... :-)   real musicians, sheesh...
> >What this has to do with looping, ya got me.
> >Saw 'Hi Fidelity' this last weekend.  Enjoyed the two punk rock kids
> >that John Cusack tries to pidgeonhole their music tastes based on
> >their looks, and they totally do a 180 on him.
> I saw it this weekend too. I loved it that he caught them stealing 
> Sakamoto albums.....

That was sweet :)

> >Seems like a nice
> >side effect of this music/technology/genre splitting/fashion
> >explosion that we're having is that you REALLY can't judge the book
> >by it's cover anymore...

> that's for sure. Portions of my hair are very purple (this week....), and
> the haircut style is definitly not a common one. Yet I work in a very
> conventional corporate office managing a team of hardware engineers. (if
> you don't know engineering culture, HW engineers are not ever freaks the
> way software engineers sometimes are...:-)  Its quite a discontinuity,
> really, and I think it throws people off in both directions. (which is
> great fun.)  But it amazes me how little my appearance seems to matter. I
> notice when I'm in meetings with other professional types, my hair might
> catch their attention for a moment, and then it's like they completely
> filter it out and don't notice anymore once the meeting is going. It
> certainly didn't affect my career in any way. In fact, some of my boring
> coworkers seem to live vicariously through me wishing they had the guts 
> dye their hair funny colors too. I haven't talked any of them into it yet
> though. :-)
> kim
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