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Re: Anyone using a Rane SM 26B?

>> Again... watch out trying to recombine outputs from other boxes with a 
>patchbay. Splitting is fine... (Anyone have a more technical explanation 
>of this?)

> This is sort of a simple view of this issue:

> Outputs are generally quite low impedance (600 ohm or lower), Inputs are 
>generally quite high impedance (10K ohm or higher, although most modern 
>equipment is in the Meg-ohm range).

> Low impedance is used on outputs so that there is sufficient power to 
>drive a run of cable. Low impedance outputs deliver enough current to 
>cause them to fight to drive the line. You could build a simple passive 
>mixer into a patch bay using resistors to raise the impedance 
to a point where the outputs are isolated from each other.

Are they just tied to ground? What values might be a good starting 
point... I could see myself doing some mods to my bay to gain this 
ability! Get rid of my line mixer possibly.

> An input loads an output, but modern high impedance inputs are hardly 
>any load on a low impedance output. Several high impedance inputs can 
>hang off of one low impedance output without undue loading. Splitting in 
>a patch bay works pretty well, particularly if the inputs you are 
splitting to have similar input impedances.

Thanks for the insights Chris... Time to finally buy a multi-meter and 
start using it!

> Thank you Tiktok, Claude, and Mike for providing such useful information 
>on my split-mix, buffered, and balanced questions.  Just try to get a 
>straight answer at a music/gear store on stuff like this!  It's what 
>makes LD such a great place to hang out.

My pleasure Alan... glad I can get backup from the real tech gods around 
here as well! You'll NEVER hear this stuff at a music store...