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Re: splattercell::OAH

At 12:13 AM 10/4/00, Kim Flint wrote:
>I haven't gotten the remix version yet, I guess I'll have to check it out
>now. I'm really curious to hear what happens when you mix Torn and The
>Automator. :-)
The Tornomator? (Wasn't that a Yes record?)

But seriously, it feels to me like the the OAH CD is a set of cells
arranged to form one organism, the remix disc is the same set re-rdered to
create a different beast. The compositions (other than "is love", which
appears on both discs) are very different, it's not like the tunes are
being re-purposed for the dance floor, it's like the remixers were
encouraged to create entirely new pieces. I particularly like the Carter
Burwell remix, because he's one of my favorite film composers and it's
interesting to hear what he does in this context.

One interesting twist: the piece "Romance Refined" on the remix disc adds
Tim Bowness' (very David Sylvain-esque) vocals to "Romance w/space also
letted go", making the remix sound more like an original tune and the
original sound more like a remix of the remix, if ya know what I mean...

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