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Guitar Signal Question - A Bit OT


This may be a bit OT, apologies in advance.  

I have guitar signal question.

The problem is that I'm not getting a strong enough guitar signal through
my set-up, thus the effects I am using don't sound as big or as vibrant as
they can/should.

I have been fooling around with the set-up and have found that the signal
from guitar -> A/B -> 2112 -> Volume Pedal -> Amp sounds great.  I've
placed a mic pre in between the VP and Mixer, Mixer and EDP and it sounds
muddy (even at low gain on the mic pre).

Here's the set-up in the order of connections:
A/B Box (2 Outs)
Digitech 2101
Digitech 2112
Stereo Volume Pedal
Direct Box For 2112 Out To Mixer To  (to boost gain = somewhat helpful)
Berringer Mixer 
Oberheim Echoplex
Berringer Denoiser (Noise Gate)

Any help is greatly appreciated.  I just want to have the strength of
signal that I would get if I just plugged directly into one of the
Digitechs and out to an amp.

(I wish the Echoplex was stereo i/o, or 2 channels i/o or something - but I
love the Echoplex).