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not enough DL4 patches

In the 'so obvious it might be useless' category of advice....

>regarding the dl4, changing delay models and tweaking leaves you
>stuck unless you decide to 'save' that preset.  say you're using the
>digital delay, and you have that saved (and all of your other slots
>have saved presets).  now start with the digital delay, and say you
>want to switch to the multi-head (but you don't have the multi-head
>as a saved preset).  so you just turn the model knob and go to the
>multi-head.  great, now ya start tweaking and you get something you
>really like.  now here comes a section where you have to turn the
>delay off, but you don't want to save over any of your other presets.
>no can do.  once you turn that multi-head setting off, it's gone.

You can just adjust the MIX knob all the way to dry and that MultiHead 
setting will still be there waiting for you won't it?  And if you have an 
expression pedal set to adjust the mix, its a hands free fix.

Would only work one setting at a time but still, its something.

By the way, anyone know what other expression pedals work with the DL4?  
Supposedly you need a, what 10k pot (sorry if thats the wrong thingy), in 
your pedal and all of mine have 20's (as do the ones I've looked at on 

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