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Re: Noises through pickups

Don't know if Dennis is using something different than what i've got, 
but my 'singing bowls' (sometimes referred to as Tibetan Singing 
Bowls) are essentially cymbals that are in the shape of a bowl, and 
you use a wooden rod to make them 'sing'.  you hold the bowl at the 
very bottom in one hand by your fingertips, then run the edge of the 
rod round the lip of the bowl, applying even pressure and the bowl 
begins to resonate and 'sing'.  They can also be simply struck, and 
they ring like a gong.

It takes some practice and getting used to, but once you get it, it's 
fairly easy to make 'em work.  There is an incredible variety of 
shapes, sizes, PRICE and QUALITY out there, so shop carefully and 
play it before you buy.  You can usually find them at New Age shops 
or ethnic stores carrying Indian/Asian instruments.  I have a couple 
of them  (if anybody lives in Boulder, CO, there was a store there 
years ago that had dozens and dozens for excellent prices).

They are terribly beautiful when played correctly with concentrated 
intent.  imagine the mellowest sounding feedback you've ever heard 
and that's getting close.  Depending on the quality of the bowl, 
there seems to be a true 'drone' or 'voice' that belongs to each 
bowl, and with practice and concentration, you can work on 
eliminating some of the odd harmonics and tones out while you are 
playing and you end up with the bowl resonating very pure.  For me, 
getting that pure sound had alot to do with the meditative intent as 
much as hand coordination.

They also make some large ones of crystal glass.  The real big ones 
make some amazing low tones that make your gut rumble a bit.  yummy.


>What are these "singing bowls"?  An off-list friend of mine just
>recently told me about crucibles salvaged from the computer chip
>industry (used to melt silicon) that ring intensely when rubbed.  Could
>these be the same thing?  Where did you get them?  What are they made
>Dennis Leas wrote:
>>  ...The pick-ups also work on most of my cymbals, gongs,  and singing
>>  bowls, interestingly enough....