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Re: A shame there's no upgrade 4 the DL4

>I wish the DL4 had another bank of presets.  This would keep me from
>having to bend over in public.
>Mike Killian

I sympathize with this sentiment. As long as we're wishing - with the 
existing hardware (4 buttons), Line6 could implement bank selection method 
in software such as:
1. press button #1 to enter patch select mode (blinkenlight flashing)
2. enter your patch selection by pressing any of the other three buttons 
(eight possible combinations including none pressed)
3. press button #1 again to confirm patch selection and abandon bank 
mode (blink off)
And so on and so forth for each of the 4 buttons. In other words, the 
button press is your bank select (4 banks), the next presses your patch 
select (8 each) is 32 possible patches.

(Now if only there were also a way to get the patches in there in the 

Only requires software implementation, and users comfortable in binary 
numbering. (The alternative: keep only customers comfortable with bending 
over in public:-)

Sorry, couldn't help it....
All the best,

>rich wrote:
> > yeah, i'd have to agree with you here...
> >
> > to upgrade the pod eprom, it's just 4 screws and something to pull
> > the eprom out with...which interestingly enough...they provide you
> > with if you purchase an upgrade chip.
> >
> > the fx modellers have the eprom stuck in there pretty damn far.  you
> > would have to remove the whole board from the unit.
> >
> > best,
> >
> > rich
> >
> > >There's upgrades for the POD things,
> > >a shame there ain't one 4 the DL4!
> > >I just wish it had an adjustable fade!
> > >and more time.
> > >But i suppose for twice the money,
> > >there's the repeater.
> > >
> > >So why am i typing this!
> > >

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