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Re: OT: FS -- Studio cleanout

Apologies for not doing this all in one message...

on 1/13/02 10:54 AM, Mark Hamburg at mark_hamburg@baymoon.com wrote:

> I will split up the GP-100 and the FC-200, but I will probably want 
> more for either of them since they are more useful as a pair.

Specifically, I'm thinking in terms of $320 for the GP-100 alone or $220 
the FC-200 alone on the basis that without the other one, it probably cuts
into what I can get for the remaining item.

For those unfamiliar with it, the GP-100 is a pretty serious multi-effects
box with COSM amp modelling and lots of MIDI control possibilities. It's
just a bit bigger and heavier than I want in my rack.