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UD Stomp...was RE: CV or MIDI Expression-Controlled Delay Time?

I'm working with a UD Stomp these days, and it will allow delay time to be
controlled with an expression pedal. It doesn't create pitch shifts as you
do this, BUT it can create little clicks as you sweep the time. It's also a
pretty neat footswitchable looper, max time 5.5 sec, but it excells at
multi-tap rhythmic looping and crossfading between different delay times
and patterns. I'm posting a patch set with audio examples of this kind of
thing on the Yamaha website soon (probably after NAMM). I'll notify the
list when it's up, and will do a looper's review of the thing ASAP. All
told, it's pretty cool, if your looping (or mangling) tastes run to delays
as opposed to samplers. It's a bank of delays only, but these can be made
to do volume boosts, tone shifts and wahs, glassy reverbs, and of course,
all sorts of flangy, chorusy sweeping or static resonances, groans and
David Coffin

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I actually have a pedal (in the equipment burial unit aka storage) which is
a unholy union of the 2 sec Digitech delay pedal (PDS 2000?) and my old
Morley electrostatic delay foot pedal/controller--with this you can control
all the functions of the Digitech with pedal controls--talk about FSU--It
might need some love however . . .

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I know the new Yamaha UD Stomp would do the the job,
but it may be a little pricey...  but I bet it sounds great.
I have the DG and AG Stomp boxes and I really like them.
They all have expression pedal inputs that are fully configurable.
Anybody had a chance to try out the UD Stomp yet...?

Roojah Amighty wrote:

>    I am a guitar player [yet another one, forgive me lord...] and I am
> looking for a delay unit that has delay time controlled on-the-fly by an
> expression pedal, be it MIDI or CV based, as well as the ability to
> live from my guitar signal. There are a million little stomp delay pedals
> the market, but I need to be able to change the delay time without
> over to tweak knobs or doing some weird foot stomping dance.
>    I don't care about the number of echoes/loops/layers[I always just use
> one]-But I want to be able to control the "tempo"/delay-time by variable
> expression, NOT a tap-tempo stomp.
>       Can anyone recommend ANY Setup/unit that would enable one to
> accomplish this feat with one's feet? Thus far the only suggestion I've
> was to use the out of production BigBriar MoogerFooger Analog delay with
> CV pedal, but they are both pricey pricey and somewhat scarce. . . Any
> suggestions?
> -TIA, --Roots
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