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Hi gang,

There is a tremendous amount of material on the 22 hours of video
that Eileen Sundet took at LOOPFEST at the behest of DIRT (who wasn't there
but who convinced me to arrange for it).

I can't believe that Eileen filmed the whole thing.  This is an astonishing
accomplishment as I'm sure you will all agree.

Pete Coates also did a stereo audio recording off the board into his
hardrive for Stage One artists (and panel discussions and demonstrations).

David Fitzpatrick (my incredibly talented assistant of late) recorded all 
STAGE TWO performance on DAY ONE with his DARWIN (which broke down later
that evening, but we still have the material on the harddrive) and
then on my 20-bit ADAT on DAY TWO.

This material represents potentially hundreds of hours of editing to get it
into releasable form.

We first need to get the written permission to do so from the participating
artists, one of whom has already forbidden us from releasing her work in 
form.   Ethically, this must be accomplished because neither of us
'owns' the material.

That being said and done,   we have to come to some decision about how to
release the material (individual sets by special order?  the whole
two days on three VHS tapes in a more low fi and 'docuvideo approach', or
whatever).  Dirt, who really instigated the taping (even though he was not
present at the event) really wants to do some professional editing and put
it out as AVI or QUICKTIME files on a CD that could be played on a DVD
player.   This is all up for consideration.

So,  a couple of factors to consider:

1)  Everyone is wasted from the festival still.  Eileen just left on
a 5 day vacation and I would if I had the dough right now, but alas.

2)  we need to get artist release forms from the participants

3)  I'd appreciate it if you would send any ideas you have about all of 
stuff to me off list and I will bring them to the attention of all
the people who will be required to put a lot of long and hard hours into
getting this material ready.

4) We have to figure out how much to charge for such a thing.  No one is
interested in any way shape or form in 'making a profit' with this 
but I have asked these wonderful documenters for more than I'm wiling to 
them to do this for 'free'.  Most of the coming decision will need to come
from discussions with them.

5) I will gently shepherd this project, but have come to the point where I
can't work too much longer on this incredible event.  I took virtually 6
weeks of my life off to do it and i have to make some money now to keep my
landlord at bay and myself in the triple venti espresso soy mocha's to 
I am accustomed.  ;-)

In other words, this will not happen immediately.  Please write me or the
list and let me know how badly you want this to happen.   There may be only
a few people interested in which case, we won't go to such trouble to get 
all highly slick.  Talk amongst yourselves.

yours,  Rick Walker (loop.pool)

ps  please also do me a favor and CC me any posts about this to my
home e-mail address at GLOBAL@cruzio.com as well as the list.  I"m
incredibly swamped with projects now and may not make it to the digest
everyday, but want to stay abreast of the dialogue.  Thanks.!