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Removal of cranium from rectum....

Hi all,

I've been sucked out from the internet by the new studio over the past 
couple of days... but thought that I'd post this to let you know of a 
few changes in my beliefs and ideas when it comes to looping. It was 
only a week or two ago when I told you about my 'rule' about not 
changing loops once they are recorded....

Well, I thought to myself...'Why?'.... and to be quite honest, I could 
not come up with an answer other than just 'Because'.... Maybe its 
because I have been limited with using a DL4 for so long. The unit that 
I used created my rules.

So, at the music shop yesterday, I purchased an Edirol UA-5 (for the 
sound - amazing quality), Behringer Ultrapatch pro patch-bay ($75 new - 
48 point 4/Way patch  bay) and a Midiman 25 key midi keyboard, and 
plugged everything in to the Repeater. I've re-routed everything through 
the patchbay so that I can plug in floor effects and also rewire the 
studio quickly from the front without pulling everything apart.

Yesterday, I was changing the pitch of the loops with the keyboard, and 
also using the computer as a sampler, introducing choir, brass and 
percussion to my loops. Although I dont know my VF1 effects unit that 
well, I was inserting delays/flanger etc. into the effects chain of the 
repeater, and altering recorded loops. Then, for the first time, I was 
bouncing samples from the Repeater straight into Live!, and mucking 
around with them in there whilst being able to record new loops on the 

.... In other words, in one afternoon, I have broken all my rules. It 
was great. I have now officially removed my head from my backside and 
lifted the veil of self-imposed limitations. Its great! :)

....rules are meant to be broken I suppose....
Stuart Wyatt - Solo String Project