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Re: How do I get?

  Jeff, personally, I tend to use fades quite a bit.  -Fading from one
musical idea into the next.  -Making subtle, or not so subtle musical and
timbral changes to make smooth yet noticable transitions.  
  If I'm switching abruptly, from one loop to another, I tend to use loops
of similar tone and texture or I might also cross fade between pre-recorded
loops of similar musical idea.  -Does this make sense?  



At 05:50 AM 7/22/02 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm fairly new to looping and have been having more fun than I ought
>with my EDP.  After the first 90 minutes of jamming in my music room
>(yes, I have a very cool girlfriend, too) I ask myself,  how do I get
>More specifically, what transitional elements do you use to move between
>musical segments?


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