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Re: EDP melt down.

How's that upgrade?  Just kidding.

Re-seat the ROM.  Re-seat the RAM.  Cross your fingers..


At 21:02 25/07/2002, you wrote:
>Well, I sat down to actually PLAY tonight, instead of just figuring out 
>the ins and outs of the EDP, and mid loop, the EDP CRASHED!  Hard.  ST ST 
>ST ST ST ST ST ST  ST ST STUTTER silence...... ||: LOOP4 :|| for 
>ever.  Restarting it twice got it to boot again.
>What what what?  Should I be reseating my ROM?  Memory?  Taking it back 
>the store?  This is actually the second time (the first was the first 
>I ever started it) it's been weird, but I haven't had a lot of time to 
>play in the last week.
>Any words of wisdom?
>Mark Sottilaro