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Re: (other used synth/keyboard?) (was Re: Oxygen8 keyboardaftertouch?)

At 11:13 AM -0700 6/15/03, Mark Sottilaro wrote:
>[...] I'm wondering if there's a good old used keyboard out there that's 
>49 keys with a good feel and aftertouch that would give me a few extra 
>sounds as well as being a MIDI controller.  A sampler would be good, as I 
>don't have one, but that's not too important.  Good feeling keyboard 
>that's 2-4 octaves would be sweet.  
>Any suggestions?

I'm using a Korg Prophecy for this sort of thing. As far as sounds go, 
it's "only" monophonic, but with a quite interesting range of noises 
available. As a controller, it's a pretty cool three octave velocity and 
aftertouch sensitive keyboard, with a nice selection of left-hand 
controls. They still seem to command about $500, though.


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