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Re: essential loop recordings

The only person I'd ever heard doing looping besides
myself until I joined this list was Robert Fripp, (and
Adrian Belew did little bits of it here and there).

Steve Reich was my main infulence for looping type of
music but he was doing it live with a bunch of
musicians and not using any kind of tape recorders or
ditigal looping devices when I saw him live.

Since joining the list I just bought some David Torn
CDs. Tripping Over God, and What Means Solid
Traveller, are very good except when he tries to sing.
This didn't infulence my CDs though as I recorded mine
before he did his.

All of Steve Tibbets CDs are very good. I had three of
his lps and liked them but had no idea he was looping
until I joined this list.

Bill Nelson was a big influence on me but I don't know
if he ever used looping. Listening back to his music
now it sounds like he did, though I didn't know it
back then.

I think my Terry Blankenship - Entering The Silence CD
was unique for 1985, and my Trance Godz - Trance World
CD from 2000 used looping in a way that no one had did

All the very best!

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