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Re: Dream Looping Mixer

> > whats a 'mixer'?
> Vermouth?

Man, it's Friday, isn't it?

FYI, I had a bit of serendipity this afternoon, and walked into the music
store to find one of these on floor-model closeout for $150 (about half


Pretty much exactly what I was looking for in an input mixer / splitter -- 
stereo ins (3 of which include both powered XLR and stereo RCA inputs),
split to two discreet zones, each with its own level & 2-band eq.  Best of
all, each of the six channels has a 1-2-both three-way switch for easy
assignment of inputs to the loop chain, main out, or both.  Pretty much
exactly the submixer I was looking for, and it fits in one rack space :-)

So, until I head to the next level of geeked-outedness, this looks like the
perfect "mixer" for me...