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Re: Dream Looping Mixer

OK, I'll add some features to this mixer:

Give it an audio looping function.  How about a effects processor while 
your at it.  Nothing too crazy.  Think JamMan for the looper, Vortex 
for the effects.  Put it on the floor.  Give it roller pots like the 
Boomerang for each channel.  8 stereo inputs.  A switch next to each 
pot could control whether or not it's volume or send.  Have some aux 
send and returns as well for other outboard gear.

That's what I want.

Mark Sottilaro

On Friday, July 11, 2003, at 04:32  PM, Gene Ehrbar wrote:

>>> whats a 'mixer'?
>> Vermouth?
> Man, it's Friday, isn't it?
> FYI, I had a bit of serendipity this afternoon, and walked into the 
> music
> store to find one of these on floor-model closeout for $150 (about half
> price):
> http://www.rolls.com/new/rm68.html
> Pretty much exactly what I was looking for in an input mixer / 
> splitter -- 6
> stereo ins (3 of which include both powered XLR and stereo RCA inputs),
> split to two discreet zones, each with its own level & 2-band eq.  
> Best of
> all, each of the six channels has a 1-2-both three-way switch for easy
> assignment of inputs to the loop chain, main out, or both.  Pretty much
> exactly the submixer I was looking for, and it fits in one rack space 
> :-)
> So, until I head to the next level of geeked-outedness, this looks 
> like the
> perfect "mixer" for me...
> cheers,
> gene