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Re: Buy one EDP, get the 2nd for half price!

It's not on the order of making a cosmetic change, but changing the sheet 
on an existing product is MUCH less effort then redesigning the main board
(including, in this case, updating the components used, resourcing the 
parts, and
all that). Yes, there'd be EMC certs to be done. But that's a FAR cry from 
the testing and stuff you'd have to do for a new board. That's all I was 
to say. 

A double-decker at $1000 would be a big bonus for those wanting to do 
Even if it was nothing more then two of the existing units with the 
chassis' tack
welded together.


--- Travis <tiktok@sprintmail.com> wrote:
> I have a feeling it wouldn't be "minimal effort".
> Minimal effort is something like updating the silkscreened graphics on 
> the front from "Oberheim" to "Gibson".  Making a new metal case, with 
> all the controls duplicated, a new power supply (and since it's an 
> internal supply, I think there's some re-certification that Gibson 
> would have to complete, but I could be wrong), testing to make sure 
> that there weren't any thermal problems or noise/interference issues, 
> adjusting the production/assembly line for this new thing, re-doing the 
> manual, new box, marketing info, etc--that doesn't sound very minimal.  
> When all is said and done, it'd probably cost about the same as two 
> Echoplexes.  And what's the market for the double-decker EDP?  Small, 
> really small--at any realistic price point for such a thing.
> If you think you've got to have a second EDP cheap, they go for about 
> $550 on eBay, often with the foot controller.
> TravisH
> On Monday, July 14, 2003, at 05:15 PM, 
> Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com wrote:
> > They could do it with minimal effort by packaging two of the current 
> > units inside
> > the same chassis, with the BrotherSync already hooked up, possibly 
> > with a single
> > power supply. It'd be 2U high, but a lot of other boxes are 2U high 
> > and nobody
> > complains. This would allow them to lower the price on the 2nd unit 
> > without
> > risking losing sales to people who really only wanted one but thought 
> > they could
> > make some money by selling off the "freebie" for a profit.

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