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Re: Echo Pro & MidiBuddy

That's kind of weird, although for a Line 6 unit I'm
not surprised.  In this instance, though, I wouldn't
doubt it's the MidiBuddy.  No offense, but the
MidiBuddy is a woefully inadequate controller for any
decent rig, a looping rig especially.  I wouldn't
doubt it has problems sending more than one button
press at a time.  In other words, you have to hit
button 9 then button 8 then back to button 9 so it
will behave anywhere like the Echo Pro is expecting
(this rather than being able to send a button 9 press,
then another button 9, and another button 9, etc).

--- Tim Nelson <psychle62@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I finally got the MidiBuddy to talk to the Echo Pro.
> (The MidiBuddy's instructional pamphlet said to use
> the MIDI OUT; it only works when I use the SHARE
> jack.)
> However, I'm noticing that the functions are
> different
> than described in the Line6 manual for programs
> 101-105. I actually prefer the way it's working
> (which
> is exactly as DG described, with most of the useful
> functions lined up on the controller's bottom row).
> The functions, rather than corresponding to their
> descriptions in the manual, are more like the
> notations on the Echo Pro's front panel.
> 101: seems to be Play/Stop (manual says: RPSPS)
> 102: seems to be Play/Stop (manual says: RSPSP)
> 103: does nothing (manual says: Record Only)
> 104: Stop (manual says: Overdub Only)
> 105: Record/Overdub (manual says: Stop Only)
> 106: Play/Stop (same as manual)
> 107: Play Once (same as manual)
> 108: Half Speed (same as manual)
> 109: Reverse (same as manual)
> Does anyone have any idea why this is?
> -t-
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