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RE: MUSIC SOFTWARE designers on this list

Lurker here: while I'm not building music software directly, I was the lead developer/architect for the first six years of the Chrysler Groups websites, then did the hosted e-commerce engine that sold music & videos and was licensed by JCPenney, MTV, and Kmart websites for a couple of years, and now am working at compuware on a developers tool called OptimalJ.
Prior to getting into programming I made my living playing Bass for a long time.
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Subject: MUSIC SOFTWARE designers on this list

   I wonder how many people who work for software companies (or themselves)
who are actually designing looping software, plugins or other music software there are
at Loopers Delight.
I can think of at least a half dozen.
Do you folks feel like outing yourselves?   It would be cool to know.
I endorse a lot of software, myself, and have an advisory capacity on design for a few companies but
I'm not a realy developer.  Who are the real folks?
ps  Richard Zvonar and others:    can you read this posting (I know you don't like my dayglo green background
but I hate the normal e-mail.......................color, man, if it's not irritating.)
I notice that noone seems to bug NemoGuit about his grey postings which is why I chose this color.

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