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RE: laptop latency

It looks very sophisticated, and at first glance I like it.

Why would you conside ProTools a dinosaur? Granted, Digidesign has been
around for some time...remember the Session 8?  But new versions of PT
come out frequently.

The main reason why I use ProTools is because of mBox.  I really like
being able to plug into high quality, balanced XLR inputs (Focusrite mic
preamps) rather than a 1/8 inch mini jack and soundcard. In fact, I'd
rather avoid going to my soundcard all together.  Do you know what
hardward (USB, firewire, etc) interfaces will work with Plogue?

mBox specs:


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Subject: laptop latency

>ProTools would get constant
>buffer errors, even with high buffer settings.

 From comparisons on pc, Plogue Bidule gives
much better latency than Pro-Tools.

Bidule is incredibly flexible, and easy to use.
It's designed for live work.

Generally, the smaller hosts will give better performance than the

andy butler