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Re: OT - Saint Paddy's Day Greetings!

I'm going to celebrate St Patrick's Day by doing a promotional
performance on a local radio station with my celtic band Wylde Nept
(done) and playing our biggest gig of the year tonight. Funny, we've
been blamed for fueling the hostilities in Northern Ireland (really. a
band in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. a band that doesn't even touch IRA songs.
*shrug*) but we've never been called racist.

Our performance will be all the more offensive to some since we:

a) treat it a bit like Mardi Gras, complete with beads (though there's
no obligation to be met in order to receive them)
b) toss a giant papier-mache snake into the audience; the snake is
chock full of "prizes" from a local $1 store
c) don't use any looping devices

However will I sleep tonight? Quite well, actually, after the post-gig
high (adrenaline-induced) subsides.


Jon Southwood

On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 14:19:50 -0600, Suit & Tie Guy
<erwill@suitandtieguy.com> wrote:
> i'm going to celebrate St Patrick's day by listening to Loreena
> McKennitt on my way to Champaign to spend a few hours on a
> well-maintained Moog IIIC modular synthesizer from 1968.
> on the way back we will stop at the Bloomington Jim's Steakhouse and
> drink heavily with my alcoholic lounge pianist friend who will most
> likely take silly photos of everyone involved and post them on his site
> ( http://www.expage.com/page/athomeatthepianobar ).
> i _may_ watch Blink when i get home to remind myself of what a great
> band The Drovers once were.
> another loop-friendly way to celebrate St Patrick's Day would be to
> listen to the soundtrack of Captive, by Michael Brook and the Edge.
> ---
> Eric Williamson
> www.suitandtieguy.com