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Andre Lafosse @ The Monkey

What an extraordinary experience!!  To my ears, Andre is pioneering a new genre of playing.  I’m not an expert on the topic but after lurking here for many years, I feel comfortable suggesting (not that I’d be the first) that Andre’s approach is dramatically different than other looping I’ve heard. After tuning into the http://www.venetowest.com  broadcast referenced here a few weeks ago, I listened to a number of tracks available at his web site (www.altruistmusic.com) and was impressed enough to get tickets to his Friday show at the Monkey. I invited a few unsuspecting friends (one that may have been a touch to vocal during the show – sorry).  The live experience surpassed my expectations.  Andre’s performance was funky, coherent and stunning.  Heads were bopping on most every tune!   One tune had a Indian groove (Raga?) to it, another took from the Police’s Material World, another relied heavily on the reverse feature to great effect.  My only disappointment was that he didn’t slow down and give a bit of a primer on what he was doing.  Of course, after the show he was readily available for questions and chat with gearheads and novices alike. 



The other star of the show was The Monkey itself.  What an intimate space!  The 5.1 surround sound was put to good use with the FIVE echoplexi that Andre utilized. At different times each speaker had a separate loop feeding it and the aural separation had me spinning my head around.


I look forward to keeping up with happenings down at the Monkey. 


 All around it was a great experience.