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Re: small digital recorder

At 12:53 AM -0800 3/24/05, Randy Leifer wrote:
>I've narrowed my choices to 2 so far.
>The Edirol R1 and the Tascam DP-01fx.
>There is a third option. I COULD buy an el'cheapo
>desktop PC, and put my recording software (Cubase
>SL)on there...but I don't have room for that
>equiptment...and I am close to maxing out my wall
>outlets already. (I have an eight-legged sea creature
>under my desk.)

Or you could try the PDAudio from http://www.core-sound.com/ Haven't 
seen it myself, but everything I have seen of Len's has been great.


Edwin Hurwitz
Boulder CO
http://www.cafemontalban.com Location Recording Services