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Re: small digital recorder

I'm seriously thinking of the Core Sound PDAudio
system. I like the small size and the 24/96

I am a bit tentative though. Pricing this system, I
find it rising...and rising.
--New PDA $450-650
--PDAudio hardware $200(CF card, digital in only)
--PDA recording software $50 
--SanDisc mem card 1g $80-100 each
--Mic2496 $500 (for field recordings, optional in my  
--add cables, extra mem cards, case, possibly a stereo

.....Now you can see, this is about the price of other
choices....perhaps even a laptop?
Of course I would be gaining a PDA to use.....if I
could FIND a use for it!! (I don't use appointment
books, etc).
I guess these are questions I need to decide for
myself....Do I really need anything over 16bit/24khz?
Is the PDAudio's portability going to become usefull
to me? Should I just find the cheapest rackmount CD
burner available? ....I'm so confused.


--- Edwin Hurwitz <edwin@indra.com> wrote:
> At 12:53 AM -0800 3/24/05, Randy Leifer wrote:
> >I've narrowed my choices to 2 so far.
> >
> >The Edirol R1 and the Tascam DP-01fx.
> >
> >There is a third option. I COULD buy an el'cheapo
> >desktop PC, and put my recording software (Cubase
> >SL)on there...but I don't have room for that
> >equiptment...and I am close to maxing out my wall
> >outlets already. (I have an eight-legged sea
> creature
> >under my desk.)
> Or you could try the PDAudio from
> http://www.core-sound.com/ Haven't 
> seen it myself, but everything I have seen of Len's
> has been great.
> Edwin
> -- 
> Edwin Hurwitz
> Boulder CO
> http://www.indra.com/~edwin
> http://www.cafemontalban.com Location Recording
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