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Re: mobius

Thank you. Thought I tried this, must have gone wrong somewhere.


On Mon, 28 Mar 2005, Jeff Larson wrote:

> Dylan wrote:
> > I'm finding my away around mobius. I'm trying to make the tracks loop 
> > exact multiples of the first track recorded. Is this possible?
> Set the Track Copy parameter to Timing.  Then, when you select a
> track that is empty, it will automatically be given an initial loop
> that is exactly the same size of the loop playing in the previous track.
>  From there you can use Multiply to make it larger, or quantized
> unrounded multiply (Multiply followed by Record) to make it smaller.
> > Also may I suggest seperate CC maps for
> > output and feedback levels- it would make mixing on the fly much 
> Yes, good idea.
> For general Mobius usage questions and feature requests, there is a Yahoo
> group at groups.yahoo.com/group/zonemobius.
> Jeff