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Re: Reason 3.0?

>It's hard to recommend an upgrade as each person wants different things 
>from a
>given tool... But, having said that, and, if nothing else, 3.0 'sounds

Thanks...that's helpful info. Sound quality matters. ;)

It could be that I'm reading the email I got from Propellerheads 
wrong. It states:

At 6:10 PM +0100 3/26/05, noreply@propellerheads.se wrote:
>Just a note to let you know that this is the last week to get your 
>Reason 3.0 upgrade with free shipping for only $129 from the Line 6 
>online store.

It could be that this is merely the last week for *free shipping*, 
not the last week for getting the upgrade for $129. I suppose the 
message is deliberately ambiguous, since they want people to spend 
money now to upgrade.