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EDP state diagram (was: Fun with time signatures)

> When you write "functions", do you mean the pedal buttons (same as
> the front panel buttons)? Are you leaving out the direct midi command
> option here (because they are listed in the Loop4 manual)? I mean,
> with direct midi commands you can directly access many functions that
> would need a quite complex diagram to be displayed as pedal/front
> panel buttons.

Yes, I mean including the DirectMIDI-Commands, actually. And also the long
presses, which often perform a different function.

> So I started using a different method; memorizing some
> functions and how they depend on and interfere with each other. When
> not grasping for the complete Echoplex scheme I found it possible to
> start making some inspiring music with the little knowledge I had.

Same here! I had to take a few lessons from Andy, though, to grasp what to
do with those cycles and loops...

> Of course a diagram would be very cool - in a scientific way,
> though ;-)  Thinking about that excellent exel sheet for keys you
> created.

(blush) Thanks, Per!
I actually imagine something like that, or even an application that you can
use to find out "where you can go from here". This application would
actually be hooked up via midi to the EDP, constantly monitor it, and would
always tell you the state of your device, and how you can go where during
your playing, sort of an "interactive cookbook". This could be extended to
other devices too ...