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Re: what about patchbay ?

It\s not clear to me if you are looking for a patchbay or a line mixer.
A patch is great for routing and making gear accessible but it won`t mix several sourches down to stereo. I have a couple of the Rane SM82 line mixers and they are solid and clean sounding. Eight stereo ins, stereo send and return, balanced stereo out (if needed) etc. The SM26 is a more simple version. Both can be found on ebay;
Probably several here who use different brands of line mixers as well as the smaller Mackie and Behringer mixers.
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Sent: Wednesday, July 06, 2005 6:48 PM
Subject: what about patchbay ?

Apart this (it's just to share...) I know there are lot of you in this list
having a big knowledge about mixers and connection systems.
And as you know there may be a lot of methods to send the "played" signal
into a loop machine (bus, alternate outs, out sends, etc...)
What I'd like to know is if "patchbay" (like behringer products)
are usefull for connect 2 or 3  stereo loop-machines, receiving the "played " signal
from a source.
What about ?
Thanks in advantage for your suggestions.