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RE: what about patchbay ?

I just bought a rane sm82 on ebay from a teacher who had bought several for a school only to find out they didn't have a separate headphone output which he needed. He was able to sell the ranes at a loss and still have enough money to buy the behringers which he claimed were very quite, with headphone output, and had an I internal power supply which the rane does not. I'm not complaining as from my experience the rane is of excellent sound and build quality,. both units have only one effects loop but it is stereo in and out., though it doesn't allow for people with multiple loopers or effects much flexibility for resampling or processing after loopinging. Another product I have had good luck with as a mini mixer /effects blender is the DTAR solstice preamp. Though it only has a mono effects loop, it does have a separate insert for each of its two channels that can each accept either 1/4 inch or XLR with mic pre, thre band eq and phantom power. The insert points are pre effects loop which would allow for resampling capabilities if using two loopers.
I really like the SM82 though it could use another effects loop,  it is very transparant, easily as clean as my mackie 1402vlz.
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Subject: Re: what about patchbay ?

It\s not clear to me if you are looking for a patchbay or a line mixer.
A patch is great for routing and making gear accessible but it won`t mix several sourches down to stereo. I have a couple of the Rane SM82 line mixers and they are solid and clean sounding. Eight stereo ins, stereo send and return, balanced stereo out (if needed) etc. The SM26 is a more simple version. Both can be found on ebay;
Probably several here who use different brands of line mixers as well as the smaller Mackie and Behringer mixers.
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Subject: what about patchbay ?

Apart this (it's just to share...) I know there are lot of you in this list
having a big knowledge about mixers and connection systems.
And as you know there may be a lot of methods to send the "played" signal
into a loop machine (bus, alternate outs, out sends, etc...)
What I'd like to know is if "patchbay" (like behringer products)
are usefull for connect 2 or 3  stereo loop-machines, receiving the "played " signal
from a source.
What about ?
Thanks in advantage for your suggestions.