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Re: what about patchbay ?

For this purpose you might find a mixer useful,
particularly a mixer with as many auxiliary sends as

They way you'd hook it up would be to connect the
inputs of your loopers each to a different aux send on
the mixer, and then return each loopers' output to its
own channel on the mixer. That way you can rout your
signal to any/all of the loopers, and you can even
rout the loopers to each other to transfer/combine
running loops on the fly, and you have volume, eq and
additional patching capability for each of your loops.


--- Fabio Anile <fabio.anile@tiscali.it> wrote:

> What I'd like to know is if "patchbay" (like
> behringer products) 
> are usefull for connect 2 or 3  stereo
> loop-machines, receiving the "played " signal 
> from a source.

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