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Re: what about patchbay ?

--- Jon Southwood <jsouthwood@gmail.com> wrote:

> Actually, when I said line mixer, I was confusing
> that term. What I
> actually meant was the splitter/mixer units like > >
> .................So, now that I've got the >
terminology straight, is
> there an idiot's
> guide to splitter/mixer units anywhere? Even Google
> wasn't very
> helpful. I'll have to try a bunch of different
> search terms.
> Thanks,
> Jon Southwood

Read the manual for the Rane SM26b. But more
importantly, read the link on the same page  named
"Rane SM26b Swiss Army Knife...". This is an idiot's
guide. (that I used before I got into brain surgery)
It has diagrams for many setups. I believe they will
help even if you get the Behringer.


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